Dark Forest (In Development)

  • Five friends on a weekend camping trip fight to survive not only an ancient curse, but a group of sadistic locals.

Genre: Horror / Black Comedy

Runtime (anticipated): 100 minutes

Because Dark Forest is as much a dark comedy as it is a horror film, it relies heavily on irony and audience misunderstanding to work. At the same time, it functions because so much of the irony is built on modern horror tropes. It recreates common horror situations to give the audience a sense of familiarity and then undercuts their expectations.  For instance, it is common to have minority characters in a horror film.  In fact, it has become a cliché that they are always the first to die.  In Dark Forest, we recreate the same scenario, but rather than kill off the minority characters, the first to die are the non-minority characters. After the first killing, there are only minority characters left, a fact that will surprise most viewers.  In general, by undercutting audience expectations every step of the way, the film is both interactive and shocking, which makes it enjoyable to a wide variety of audiences.