The Roaming Armadillo Team

Patrick C. Clinton

Owner & Founder

Patrick C. Clinton has been a fan of horror since he and his brother first started sneaking up past bedtime to watch cheesy B titles on late night cable. From those first moments, he fell in love with the quirky combination of terror and humor. After taking a few film classes, he found his passion, writing and directing a series of comic shorts. By 2006, he was ready to tackle feature filmmaking. Last Getaway (2007) and The Inherited (2009) were completed while he was earning his Ph.D. in Creative Writing, and to his surprise, they both won awards on the festival circuit. Currently, he is pursuing an M.F.A. in Film and Media Arts at Southern Methodist University and is in development on his third feature film, Dark Forest.

Lisa Mount has always been a bit theatrical. As a small child, she always put on small plays for her parents using her reluctant younger siblings as actors or in some cases props. This love for drama grew, and in high school she took classes in theater and was president of the Drama Club. She thought about making entertainment a career choice, but life took her in other directions completing a Masters Degree in Social Work in 2004. Lisa has been an important person in the development and management of Roaming Armadillo. Her love for film, creative abilities, and background in the Human Service/Mental Health field all make her a great asset to Roaming Armadillo on and off set. She is a woman who wears many hats. She has worked as still photographer, actress, producer, production manager, and Art Director.